Please be aware that we expect our guests to abide by the Short Stay Accommodation Code of Conduct.

Specifically, guests need to be aware that:

We will display and make the Code of Conduct available to all occupants and visitors to the dwelling including availability on this website or any social media used by us to promote the short stay rental accommodation dwelling, and w incorporate the Code of Conduct provisions into rental terms and conditions. 

Unacceptable behaviour includes loud: 

(a) Aggressive behaviour;

(b) Yelling, screaming and arguing; and 

(c) Cheering, clapping and singing.

Off street parking will be provided. No additional vehicles are to be parked on street or on common land. 

Additional accommodation is not allowed on site by way of tents, caravans, campervans or similar facilities. 

Outdoor areas including swimming pools, spas, outdoor decking and balconies are not to be used between 11.00 pm to 7.00 am. 

We inform you of waste practices and ask you to remove any excess waste:
In general, recyclables are to be compacted and placed in the blue recycling bins provided. General waste and kitchen scraps are to be placed in garbage bags and placed in the green-lidded general waste bins. Some properties have yellow-lidded (3rd party) bins for excess rubbish which are only to be used if the standard bins are full.

The dwelling and any connected land cannot be used as a Party House.