What better way to catch up with extended family than to go away together? If this sounds like your worst nightmare then read on to see how a large group accommodation option like Bay Views from Drury Lane can be the perfect base for a memorable family holiday.

Neutral Ground

Most of us can recollect a visit to a relative’s house where someone felt put out. It would all start with something trivial, like a visiting uncle who brought a gift of cheap wine then proceeded to help himself to a vertical tasting of the finest vintages in the host’s cellar. Or waiting patiently for the cousins who lived only 30 minutes away, but always arrived 2 hours later than planned, with the end result that everyone else in the family was hungry, grumpy and sitting down to a dry roast and overcooked veggies…

These sort of memories have a nasty habit of being triggered in the future. It may be the location…the previous disaster happened 20 years prior at Aunty Pat’s place…or maybe it’s even the routine…lunch followed by backyard cricket and then an interminable family game of Monopoly which always ended in tears and a walkout.

If that is a familiar pattern then there can be no better way to break a cycle like this than to choose neutral ground. Don’t go over to the Rellies’ for the all-important 43rd Birthday party, or for another Family catchup, but instead go away to an exciting location which offers plenty of space and activities for everyone.


It can be great catching up with family members we rarely see. It’s an opportunity to reconnect, to find out what everyone has been doing and to do “family stuff” like group photos, friendly competitions, and “occasion” lunches or dinners. But when the plates are cleared and the dust settles, it is also refreshing, or even necessary to have some time away from your relatives. It’s for this reason that a location which offers both large communal areas as well as multiple dispersed activities and spaces to get away is so important. You won’t feel like everyone is on top of each other, and will be able to avoid conflict or negotiate disagreements with ease.


It’s fun to do things together, but sometimes it is well-nigh impossible to get the rest of the clan to agree. That’s where it is important to have the options to go your own way for a while. If the younger kids want to swim in the pool, the teenagers just want to listen to music and play billiards and your octogenarian Grandmother just needs some time to sit quietly and read or nap, then make this possible. Our properties like Bay Views from Drury Lane and Spacious Sorrento Retreat allow you to do just this.


Beach? Winery? Gallery? Ice cream?

All are easily accessible from the properties most suited to large family groups. Enjoy your reunion…